Privacy Policy

Dear readers, you are reading our privacy policy which describes our policies and procedures about the personal data that we collect and use. The privacy policy will also capture and elaborate on other services about data, disclosure and what is the meaning of our service will mean to our clients. The privacy policy will also capture the rights of our users under GDPR and the California consumer rights act.

The consumer data that we collect and use will help us improve our services as we customize it to fit our consumer’s needs. When you visit our service and use it, you agree that we collect your personal information following the statements in our privacy policy.


The following definitions will be applicable in our service, and the meaning that we give is subject to our website. 

Account: When you are opening our service, you will need to create an individual space/account to allow you to access our service. It is your account on our website.

Company: Company here refers to We shall be using the reference words such as “us”, “ we”, and “our” to refer to

Cookies: Our website will have cookies. Cookies are small files that our website will place on your computer or any other browsing device which contains the details about your browsing history. 

Consumer: According to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), A consumer is a natural person who resides in California. The law further defines a resident as every individual in the USA for something apart from transitory and temporary purposes. A resident is also any other individual domiciled in the USA and is outside the united states for a temporary or transitory purpose.

Business: Business refers to our company as a legal entity that can collect consumers’ information per the California Consumer Privacy act. The company determines how they will use the information they collect from the users, which they can process alone or in partnership with the subsidiaries or service providers acting on behalf of the company.

Data controller: For general data protection regulation, it refers to as a data controller with a capacity to determine how they can use your data. They determine the means of processing your data.

Device: Anything that can access the services on our website is a device. It may include a computer, a cell phone or any digital gadget that can access our data.

Facebook fan page: We may create a Facebook fan page with our name as marijuana takers. The fan page is basically for sharing information and is accessible to all our service users.

Personal data: Any information that our website will collect and relate to an identifiable person is called personal data. For GDPR purposes, personal data means the information that relates to the name of the individual, an ID number, an online identifier, the location data and other factors specific to the subject. It may further include information such as genetic, mental and physiological information that identifies an individual.

According to the California consumer privacy act, personal data refers to that information that will directly relate to an individual or is capable of being associated with an identifiable person.

Sale: A sale refers to the dissemination, renting, releasing, disclosing, availing or even transferring according to the California consumer privacy act. Or can also guide to communicating orally, in writing or sending the consumer’s personal information to third parties or any other business through an electronic means.

Service provider: Our website may hire a legal team, third parties and other providers to act on their behalf. All these are our service providers. They process your data on our behalf. The company employs them to facilitate the service provider while they are assisting the company in marketing analysis. 

For GDPR, service providers are the data processors who have the mandate from the mother website.

Usage Data: Our website will use several trackers that will automatically collect the usage data. Usage data will be generated for us once you use our service. The usage data includes the duration that you take when you are using our service.

You: Imply any individual was accessing our service, the company or our legal entity to get or use our information. According to general data protection regulation, you are the data subject, or you can also be referred to as a user because you will be accessing our service.

How We collect and use your data

Types of data collected

Personal data

When you access our service, we will ask you to provide some personal information that will help us fulfil your requests. The personally identifiable data that we shall ask you for includes email addresses, names etc.

Usage data

We automatically collect the usage data when you are using our service. The usage data that we shall be collecting includes the device’s internet protocol address, a browser type, the pages of the service that you enter, the time and date that you visit the service, the browser version and the amount of time that you spend on the pages in our service. Our site will also be collecting unique device identifiers and other diagnostic tools.

Any device you use to access our service has unique identifiers, and we collect such information the moment you start using our service. There is also other information that your browser may send to us. We may collect such information in a strategy to customize our services to provide our users with a better experience.

Tracking technologies and cookies

We always aims at improving its customer services. They cannot do this without the use of tracking technologies. We care about the activities on our website, and we track and store certain information that may help our team in customizing the services. We use beacons, tags, and scripts to collect and track data, which effectively analyses and focuses on the things that will improve the user experience.

Cookies or browser cookies: A cookie is a small file that we will place on your browsing device. If you are not comfortable with cookies, you can instruct your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a cookie Is being sent. You should be aware that refusing cookies is a personal choice, and by so doing, you deny yourself a good user experience. Rejecting cookies on our site will deprive you of a pleasure to use part of our services. Our service will always use cookies, and you should adjust your browser if you do not need cookies.

Flash Cookies: Flash cookies are local stored objects that collect and store information concerning your preference and the activity on our service. Flash cookies do not have the same management as those in the browser cookies. We may use flash cookies on our service, so if you think of deleting them, you can inquire about deleting the flash cookies.

Web beacons: this are among the tracking technologies that we employ on our website. They are small electronic files that will permit our company to count the number of users accessing our pages or reading the emails that we send to them. They are best for evaluating website statistics.

Persistent and session cookies

 Cookies can either be persistent or session cookies. Persistent cookies will remain on your personal computer or a mobile device when you go offline. They will always be there regardless f the time that you are are active in our service. For the session cookies, they are deleted once you are offline.

We use both session and persistent cookies. Persistent cookies administered by our website will identify if users accept the use of cookie policies on our website. There are functionality cookies under the persistent category that is issued on our website. They are used to remember the choices that you make when you are using our service. The information that this persistent cookie will reflect is the login details, the language you use, and your preference. This cookie ensures that you are not reentering your selection whenever you revisit our service.

Tracking and performance cookies

The tracking and performance cookies that we offer are persistent. They are administered by third parties and are effective in tracking the traffic information on our website. The tracking information may identify the user as an individual or a visitor because the data is linked to the pseudonymous identifier, which associates with the device you use to determine the website. We use the cookies to test new pages, features and functionality keys in our site and check the users’ reactions.

Targeting and advertising cookies

We also use targeting and advertising cookies that third parties administer. They are persistent cookies that will track your browsing habits to enable our website to advertise what may be of interest to you. They use information about your browsing history and connects you among the sites with common interests. When they have such information, the third parties, with our permission, will place cookies to show adverts that we think will interest you.

How we use your data

 Your data are vital to us. We use your data for the following reasons.

  • Your data are essential to use when we monitor and collect our service’s usage data. They are good for maintenance purposes.
  • We will use your data to complete your requests. If you have a purchase request, we will use it to develop, comply and undertake the purchase process.
  • When we contact you, we will use the email, phone number, and address you provide to us. We get our users through SMS, emails, telephone calls and any other means of communication. We will be contacting you when we have new products, new functionalities and security updates.
  • Your data are helpful to us when we want to provide you with general information about other goods, services and events.
  • We use your data to manage your requests
  • Your data are also helpful during business transfers. Our company may contact a business transfer such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, reorganization and other business transactions that may need data transfer. We may also use your data during a process of liquidation, bankruptcy, and further similar proceedings.
  • Your data will also be helpful during other business purposes such as data analysis, usage trends, determining the effectiveness of our promotional and marketing strategies. This information is valuable to us when we want to improve our services.

Situations that may warrant us to share your personal information

Our service providers will need us to disclose your personal information to enable them to process and complete your requests. The service providers will monitor and analyze the use of a service, make advertisements, and contact you when they are paying for a service.

  • We also share your personal information during business transfers. It will be in connection to mergers, negotiations and a sale of an asset in a company. We also use it during assets financing, acquisition and other business transactions.
  • Our website has affiliate networks that are subject to our privacy policy. We share your data with the affiliates under conditions that they strictly adhere to the rules in our privacy policy.
  • com also have business partners that may request the customers’ information at one point in time. Our business partners will need your information to offer you some service that you request.
  • When you are using our Facebook fan page, our users will access your data. You share your information when you interact in public places such as Facebook page
  • We share your data when you consent to disclose your personal information for any other purpose.

Conditions under which We will retain your data

The personal data that we retain in our database are useful to us. We keep it for as long as they are necessary according to our privacy policy. We support and use your data concerning legal obligations. We may need to retain your data to comply with the applicable laws, resolve disputes, and enforce the legal agreements and policies.

We also need to retain the usage data for our internal analysis and service improvements. The usage data are only useful for a specific period. For instances where we use the usage data for security reasons, we may need to retain it longer. Our website has a legal obligation to maintain the usage data for security reasons.

Transfer of your data

When you give us your data, you consent to our privacy policy statement. We shall then be processing your data in our operating offices and other subsidiary companies that run s under our privacy statement. Therefore, we can transfer your data to the systems located within the premise where we process your data. It may also be processed and maintained in computers that are located outside your country. We will also process Your data in other jurisdiction that pertains data protection rules.

We take full responsibility to safeguard your data while also acknowledging that we may not guarantee 100% data security. We will prioritize securely keeping your data following our privacy policy, and we shall transfer your data only when you consent to our privacy policy.

Disclosure of your personal information

Business transactions

We will be involved in different businesses, and they will be doing business transactions with business partners. We may share your data when we are interested in a merger, acquisition, or asset sale. We shall notify you before we do any business transfer, and you will be subject to another privacy policy.

Complying with other legal requirements

We also disclose personal data in compliance with legal requirements. We do this in good faith when we believe such as actions as;

  • Prudent to protect and defend our property rights 
  • We disclose your data when we are complying with a legal obligation
  • When our company needs to be safe against any legal liability
  • When we are undertaking legal safety for users and our service in a public domain.

Safety of our user’s data

Dear user, we value your data safety; that is why we strive to give you the utmost data safety. While we aspire to accord you the data safety you want, we are aware that such provisions may not be possible in the real world because no electronic data storage is 100% Safe. We strive to employ all the commercial data security means, but we do not guarantee 100% data safety.

The actual details concerning the processing of your Personal Data

Some of our service providers may have access to your data. We grant our third-party vendors to collect, store, use and process information concerning our users’ activities on our service as per the provision in our privacy policies.


The third-party service providers will monitor and analyze the users’ activities in our service. We use Google Analytics for this purpose.

Google Analytics is an analytic web service that tracks and reports website traffic. It is a service that Google offers. The information that googles analytic will enable Google to track and monitor the services on the website. The information that Google collects helps them contextualize the ads and make advertisements by personalizing ads.

When you don’t want your activities to be monitored, you can opt out of the google service by installing a google analytics opt-out browser add-on. The add-on is best for the users who don’t want their activities to be factored in by google analytics.


Don’t frown when you find advertisements on our website because they help us maintain and support our service.

Email marketing

Our website will be contacting users through emails for our newsletters, marketing and also sharing promotional materials. We may also share other information that may be of interest to you. If you are not interested in any of our email marketing, you can opt-out of it by following the unsubscribe link in the email instructions.

Links to other sites

When browsing our service, you will find links to other websites that do not operate under our privacy policy. Clicking on the links will take you to the website operated by third parties. Because we do not have control over their privacy policy, we advise you to review their privacy policies before getting started with their website. will not be liable for the damages you incur when you click the links that direct you to third-party websites.


Here are the legal basics that you need to know following the GDPR data processing.

  • We process the consumer data under consent. By agreeing to the terms in our privacy policy, you consent to the processing of your data
  • Under the GDPR, we process your data to perform the contract that you have with us. The information you provide to us is important in completing your request and any other pre-contractual obligations.
  • GDPR grants us the right to process personal data if it is necessary for compliance with the legal obligation
  • We may also process your data as part of the vital interests or if the processing is required to process your strong claim.
  • Our company can also process your data if it is related to the public interest or if the activity is carried out for general interest.
  • The company will process your data to pursue its legitimate interests.

If you need any clarification concerning the data processing under GDPR, the company will gladly help you understand that.

Our consumer’s rights under GDPR

This website undertakes to protect all the users’ rights under the GDPR. We guarantee the confidentiality of your data, and you can exercise your rights under GDPR as follows, following the law and under the condition that you are within the EU locality;

  • GDPR allows the users to request access to their data anytime it pleases them. You have the right under GDPR to request, update, delete or add information about yourself. You can request access, deletion or even a copy through your account in the settings sections. If you cannot perform such practices yourself, you can ask us through a contact page to help you.
  • When you are certain that the information we have about you is incorrect, you can request a correction. You can exercise such a right any time it pleases you.
  • Under GDPR, users can object to processing their data, and it only exists when our website is relying on the legitimate interest as a legal process for processing your data. You also may be having a particular reason that makes you uneasy with us processing your data.
  • You can also request the erasure of your data under GDPR. We shall delete your data when we have no use of it, and you have asked us to clear them in our databases.
  • GDPR allows our users to request the transfer of their data to third parties or them at will. The information that our website will transfer is the automated information that you initially provided to us when consenting to our privacy policy.
  • l GDPR also allows the users to withdraw their consent to us using their data. Note that when you withdraw your consent, we may not provide you with the services on our website. You may also not access specific functionalities in our service.

How to exercise your GDPR data protection rules

Our users can exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of processing by contacting us. When you get us for this reason, we will need you to verify your identity as part of the security process before we respond to any such request. We try as much as we can to reach you sooner.

All our users have the right to complain to the data protection authority concerning the use and processing. You can contact your local data protection authority in your local area if you are within the EEA locality.

Facebook fan page

The data controller for the Facebook fan page

It is the data controller for the personal information that is collected through the Facebook fan page. We work jointly with Facebook to protect your data. We adhere to the terms that our company sets with the Facebook provider. The terms of service are largely Facebook terms, and we shall adhere to that as per their privacy agreements.

You can get more information about Facebook data privacy by checking their statement on personal data.

Facebook insights

We are interested in the statistical data about our users, and we use Facebook insights to generate anonymized statistical data about them. We do this under strict adherence to the GDPR rules and Facebook privacy policy.

We get Facebook insights through cookies. The Facebook team will place a cookie on the device of the visiting user where each cookie has a unique identifier code which will remain active for two years. It only ceases to exist when it is deleted.

Facebook will then receive the record and process the information fetched by the cookie when you visit the Facebook service. The cookie will convey the information on the services that you see in other Facebook users and the services they provide.

Children’s privacy

We wish to make it public that we do not knowingly collect the information for anyone below 13 years. We do not intentionally collect personally identifiable data without your consent. Suppose you are a parent or a guardian, and you suspect that your kid has given us personally identifiable information. In that case, we will be happy if you report it to us, and we shall remove them from our database.

In some countries, we may need to rely on consent as a legal basis for data processing. Some countries laws may require permission from the parents, and we may need to seek that before collecting the personally identifiable data.

Changes to our privacy policy

Our website is responsible for the updates and the changes in the privacy policy. The updates and changes shall be from time to time, and we take responsibility to notify our users’ son of the changes. You may receive an email notification or the first query when you enter the page that asks you to go through the updated changes in the privacy policy.

The changes in the privacy policy will be effective from the last day of updates. You should review the privacy policy periodically for updates and your consent.

Feel free to contact Us through our contact page for queries and other information.

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