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Many types of Hybrid Strains

People have been raving over Cannabis hybrid strains for a good minute already, and it’s high time we join in the fun. We may have just encountered two strains, and these mainly are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Each of these strains is from the Cannabaceae plant family. Each also contains differing tetrahydrocannabinol or THC concentrations, which creates chemical reactions in different parts of the body.

It is for this reason that each strain produces an effect that is opposite of the other. However, hybrid strains emerged with the promise of a better experience for Cannabis users, especially with the look, taste, and overall effect. With that, not only are products appearing in the market, but brands are also now specializing in the production and distribution of hybrid strains in different forms.
This upgrade on the Cannabis market is nothing short of impressive, so let’s dive in and learn more about this innovative Cannabis strain.

What is Hybrid Strain?

Initially, there were two strains of Cannabis, namely Indica and Sativa. Respectively, the former is known for its “relaxed” kind of high. On the other hand, the latter causes a rise in energy, thus producing a more “dynamic” kind of high. Experts claim that these two main strains are also the main subspecies of the plant. At the same time, some argue that they may be different species altogether.

However, farming practices and Cannabis cultivation has evolved. This meant many decades of crossing plant genetics and interbreeding. Cultivators develop these strains through the process of pre-selecting traits and curating the effects. This required a lot of experience and research, and the process is quite similar to that of dog breeding.

All this experimentation and study with Indica genes and Sativa genes led to the formulation of the innovative hybrid strains that are now all the rage in the market. What makes the hybrid strains so interesting is that it has paved the way to a spectrum of Cannabis variants, and of course, many hybrid derivations. Now, we can both experience both the “relaxed” and the “dynamic” high in various ways, depending on whichever the dominant strain is in the hybrid.

That being said, we understand how it can be difficult for you to choose the right one for you. There are many hybrid strain products to choose from, and it’ll be more challenging if you’re a beginner. So, we’ll help you out before things get too overwhelming.

Let’s start with the best hybrid strains that worked best for us.

Different types of Hybrid Strains

Best Hybrid Strains in the Market

Now, the market is teeming with a spectrum of Cannabis variants. However, like every other hybrid cannabis product, the best hybrid strains do not use their scientific names. They are not usually named after their Indica and Sativa origins, but some products are known for having a dominant of one or the other. Hybrid Cannabis strains have a standard naming system, but manufacturers and distributors alike don’t always consider it. In fact, they determine the name of these hybrid strains on the components of their overall appeal – their smell, color, texture, and even the effect.

OG Kush

When we say kush, it refers to pure Indica or an Indica-dominant hybrid. When it’s the OG, we know it’s the original and dates back to the 1990s. Among the hybrid strains developed, this is one of those at the forefront. It’s such a prominent brand that people hailed it as the backbone of Cannabis culture and production in California. It causes cerebral euphoric effects that are more meditative than sedative, traceable to its Indica origin. The OG Kush, however, is hard-hitting, potent, and high in THC levels. Although it offers a great experience, we don’t recommend this to beginners.

Original Glue

This hybrid strain is a blend of a few other hybrids, and its prominence rose under another name. Initially referred to as Gorilla Glue #4, this OG glue is curated with different genetics from the Chocolate Diesel, the Sour Dubb, and the Chem’s Sister. It is also characterized by the smell of earth, with slight aromatic hints of diesel. This is an ideal choice when it comes to authentic potency and knockdown relaxation.

Wedding cake

New to the game but slowly rising to the top, the Wedding cake strain is a champion in novelty and potency. It shares the same traits with the Seed Junky’s Triangle Mints, which has the quaint taste of vanilla frosting. This Indica-dominant strain leads its user through a euphoric episode, but this hits the mind hard and long.


This happens to be one of the best Sativa dominant hybrid strains in the market. It earned a reputation for its distinct pungent funk, which is quite similar to its namesake stench. This blend of the Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and the Afghani has been here since the 70s, so it is also used as a base hybrid strain for newer products. With that, this is the only daytime strain on our list. However, what makes it the best of us is the boost of productivity and energy it provides its users. Get through the struggles of a Monday with a drag of this.

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid: What is the Difference?

As mentioned earlier, the Cannabaceae plant family produces two main strains: Indica and Sativa. The leaves of the Cannabis Indica plant are short, broad, and dark green. The leaves of Cannabis Sativa, on the other hand, are a paler green, with lengthier and thinner proportions. As for their plant characteristics, farmers share that Indica plants are shorter in height, stocky and chunkier, with thicker fibrous stalks. Also, Indicas produce more buds and flowers. These thrive in more humid areas, preferably in places with warm weather or a tropical climate. Lastly, this is an excellent choice for home growers and practical propagators because of their faster growth and higher yield potential.

Sativa plants are taller, and they appear lankier because of their slender woody stalks. Growers claim that these plants mainly thrive in temperate regions, and they require enough space to grow. This means that this isn’t a strain suitable for home growers or ones that prefer large yields. When it comes to the effect, Cannabis Indica variants induce a head high. This means that when we consume Indica, the result is more cerebral. Thus, Indica users feel more relaxed, creative, and meditative.

Also, this is a strain that clinicians recommend due to its alleviating and sedating results. Basically, we resort to long hours in our couches or beds when we consumed the strain. This effect is a result of the strain containing predominantly CBD compounds. Because of this, most manufacturers consider Indica as their top choice in propagation for CBD oil-based products. Cannabis Sativa, on the flip side, creates a body high.

This leads to an energy boost or an increased dynamic activity, which directly results from the high THC content in the strain. We refer to it as a “daytime strain” or one that is best consumed when you have to “run around for the day.” While Sativa can be used to produce CBD oil, this is not the ideal choice.

Hybrid Showcases

That being said, a Cannabis hybrid showcases both the head high and the body high effects, albeit in various intensities. The producers that crossbreed these strains curate the levels of different physiologically active compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. What consumers usually focus on is the amount of Cannabidiol or CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in the product. However, hybrids don’t only mean blending Indica and Sativa. It also refers to older strains being re-processed and combined with other strains to produce new strains. That said, if you can produce hybrids from different hybrids, the possibilities are endless.

Also, you may notice that hybrids are often Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant hybrid strains. This is indicative not only of the effects when you consume the strain but also of the traits manifested in their parent plant. The real art of hybrid strains reveals itself when producers can properly balance Indica and Sativa’s opposite effects, but the results are far from definite. Still, it all boils down to your body chemistry and how tolerant you are to certain substances.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis is beginning to be more readily available to more places than ever. Its presence in various cultures and the medical industry shows just how far science has reached. With that, we can no longer deny that people need to seek accurate information about cannabis products before using them. That said, we hope that this overview on hybrids strains is helpful. May you now be more aware of how it differs from Indica and Sativa strains. We hope you consume these products accordingly. Just be reminded to take everything in regulation and always to do research when in doubt. Best of luck to you!

Stephen Pillman passion for crafting and crossbreeding plants is among the motivations that propelled him to focus on Marijuana strains. Apart from being an enthusiastic breeder, he writes timely content about strains, growing info, crossbreeds, conditions that the strain will do well, and the yields you can expect. Pillman believes that everyone with an interest in marijuana strains has genuine reasons. He argues that neurological situations that may not need medical treatment affect human life, and learning something about strains can be a great way to liberate yourself from such issues. Stephen loves Soccer, and he spends his whole weekend watching football.

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