Hindu Kush Strain: A Complete Guide

Hindu Kush strain

There is so much to learn about the Hindu Kush strain. But let’s begin with finding out the Hindu Kush strain history. Hindu Kush, also known as “Hindi Kush,” is a pure Indica marijuana strain named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated.

Origin Of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a landrace strain. That means it is a pure strain. Therefore, workers grow it and it’s a natural habitat. They do not crossbreed or cultivate. Travelers between the 1960s and 1970s brought it to the Western hemisphere. Those travelers were on the hippie trail that crossed Asia.

The Hindu Kush ended up being such a big revelation because it is pure Indica. Nobody knew of it until travelers brought it to the Western hemisphere in the middle of the 20th century. Nowadays, it needs to be crossword with other strains of Kush. That is so it can increase and grow within the Western climates.

Therefore, the Hindu Kush strain genetics changed a little bit. Nevertheless, this is the closest that you will find to a pure Indica. That is unless you travel to Asia. The amount of THC it has can vary a lot. However, it has minimal content of CBD.

hindu kush

Guide For Growers

If you wish to grow Hindu Kush strain, then there are many things you should know. You need to find all the Hindu Kush strain info that you can find. That is to get the best out of your Marijuana Strain. However, you don’t need to look for much anymore. All you need to do is to follow our Hindu Kush Grower Guide right here.

Feminized Seeds

If you wish to acquire Hindu Kush strain seeds, then you need to go to Sensi Seeds. This breeder possesses does genetics since the 1980s. Also, they claim that they research those seeds without changing their pure form. You can find automatic, feminized, and regular seeds with Sensi Seeds.

If you choose to get auto-flowering, you will enter the blooming face without changing the light cycle. Nevertheless, those seeds usually produce a lower yield. Also, there is a 50/50 chance with regular seeds of getting a male plant. Even though breathers have a use for male plants, they may not be helpful for you. Not if you wish to cultivate marijuana for your personal uses. All in all, getting feminized seeds is your best choice.

Germination of the Seeds

It is straightforward to follow the germination process. You just need to expose the seeds to water, air, and heat. That will ensure that they sprout and begin to grow. The easiest method to germinate those seeds is the paper towel method. The only thing you will need is some distilled water, a couple of clean plates, and four paper towels.

“Soak the paper towels with water. Ensure the paper is wet, but you don’t need water dripping off. Put two of the wet paper towels on a plate and space the seeds at least an inch apart from each other on the paper. Cover the seeds with the other wet paper towels.

Cover the paper towels with another plate and store them at temperatures between 70- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. Check on your seeds at least once a day. If they lose moisture, add more water. It can take anywhere from 2-10 days for the seed to sprout. You’ll know they’re ready when you see a taproot appear. If there is no taproot after two weeks, the seed is probably bad.”

Transplant the Hindu Kush Seeds

Once it starts to show, you need to avoid touching the taproot or seed because you must keep it thorough. After that, you need to transplant your Hindu Kush seed into your preferred choice of growing medium.

Taking Out Most from Vegetative Stage

If you are patient and let your plant grow during its vegetative stage coma, you will get a higher yield. The growth of the plant will accelerate during this stage. It can grow bushy and dense. So, you can begin pruning and trimming it after a couple of weeks.

However, you need to remember to expose the plants to sunlight for 16 to 18 hours a day. The humidity should remain between 60 and 70%, and each week should lower 5%. Also, the daytime temperature should remain between 75 and 68° f.

Technique For Using the Sea of Green Growing

If you wish to grow many small plants, you should use the SOG growing technique. These will lead to getting a faster harvest time. If you have limited growing space, this is a good option. The sea of green method forces the plants to flower after 3 or 2 weeks of being vegetative.

Switch to Light Cycle

If you move your plants to the flowering stage, you must expose them to 12 hours of darkness. This needs to happen consecutively for every cycle of 24 hours. Also, you should lower the humidity to a range of 40 to 50%. Nevertheless, you will decrease the amount of yield significantly that you get if you do this.

The Flowering Stage

The Hindu Kush strain has a relatively short flowering time. It only lasts between 7 and 8 weeks. Some growers only allow between four and five weeks. But the more you shorten the time, the more you will lose in yield. The same will happen with the overall potency.

However, in this stage, you should continue to reduce the humidity. Because you will need to have it between 30 and 40% won the harvest time comes. Also, call Mom; you should decrease nitrogen intake and increase the potassium and phosphorus that your plants get.

Harvest, Dry & Enjoy

Did you know that there are several ways to determine whether your plants are ready or not for harvesting? You can use the pistil method in which you wait. You wait until 2:30, or 3/4 of those hairs turn orange. Another method is the trichome. In it, you watch through a magnifying glass the trichomes. If they have a milky white color and a mushroom-style head, then you can harvest them.

After cutting the weed, you need to trim the leaves. Then, you need to honk the buds. That will dry them. You should leave that room with a humidity of 50%. Also, the temperature should be around 70°f. You will need to wait between 7 and 10 days to dry the buds. Then, you cure the buds. The longer you take to cure the bugs, the better the potency and taste will be. So, you should consider that too.

Facts of Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain

Three things are relevant when it comes to the Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain. You should take into consideration its aroma, flavor, and appearance.

  • Aroma

“Earthy, Woody, Sweet”

  • Flavor

“The sweet and almost fruity flavors of Hindu Kush go hand in hand with the relaxing and euphoric feelings one will experience with just a small hit.”

  • Appearance

“The crop color is a rich, forest green, with lighter shaded green buds that feature a prominent, thick coating of trichomes, or glistening, THC crystals, that are reminiscent of the first frost of the year.”

Possible Medical Effects

Many medical benefits come from using the Hindu Kush. You are dealing with chronic and severe pain, the numbing effects. Also, you can use it to alleviate multiple sclerosis, menstrual cramps, and symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases.

You can also help it to gain physical and mental relaxation. If you are dealing with mood or stress disorders, let’s not forget that this strain is also beneficial. Especially for people who suffer from appetite issues or nausea, as well as insomnia.

Possible Side Effects

There are several possible side effects that you need to take into account:

  • The high THC content of this Indica strain might be expected to increase existing anxiety or create a higher risk of paranoia.
  • Triggers psychedelic effects
  • Cottonmouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Weight gain

The Bottom Line

After reading this Hindu Kush strain review, you can take with you several facts about this strain. With our help, now you know how to grow your Hindu crush strain. You also know the possible medical effects and side effects that come from consuming it.

Last but not least, you know that “The dominant terpenes in the Hindu Kush strain include limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene. This explains the crazy array of earthy, sour, sweet, and peppery terps that this strain gives off.” All in all, it is entirely your choice whether you grow and consume this strain or not.

Stephen Pillman passion for crafting and crossbreeding plants is among the motivations that propelled him to focus on Marijuana strains. Apart from being an enthusiastic breeder, he writes timely content about strains, growing info, crossbreeds, conditions that the strain will do well, and the yields you can expect. Pillman believes that everyone with an interest in marijuana strains has genuine reasons. He argues that neurological situations that may not need medical treatment affect human life, and learning something about strains can be a great way to liberate yourself from such issues. Stephen loves Soccer, and he spends his whole weekend watching football.

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