Best Indica Strains You Should Consider in 2022

Indica Strains

With the varieties of strains to choose from, it’s always overwhelming to pick the right strain. Strains vary according to smell and flavor and the experience they induce. best Indica strains are prominently known for their short and bushy leaves. As such, they are different from the Sativa family. Still, they have a significant relaxing and therapeutic effect. In this regard, the recommended time of usage is during the night, which hinges on Indica’s natural sleep aid.

Today, you can get both natural and hybrid Indica from the market. The hybridization means that the differences in these strains are not clear-cut. Nonetheless, Indica brags increased popularity in 2022, and it’s still promising.

Even with these six narrowed options, there are quite many strains that fall under the same roof. This guide covers the six best Indica strains of 2022, benefits, aesthetics, the experience you get, and home meditations to try.

What Makes Indica Strains Different?

Indica strains are from the cannabis Indica plant. They are typically smaller and bushy, unlike their Sativa peers. Indica strains flower quickly, which explains why they have small buds. Further, it turns out that Indica is distinct from the Sativa family due to its high THC content.

Unlike the Sativa family that may grow naturally, Indica’s are mostly hybrids; hence one strain may contain traces of two or even four strains from other Indica’s. These strains are recommended for people searching for remedies to patch up nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and poor appetite, among others.

Best Indica Strains You Should Consider in 2022

The plants have been developed with unique characteristics, despite the fact that they are all Indica strains. This is reflected in their effects: while some strains have more CBD, others have been developed to have more THC, making them more potent. Here’s a list of best Indica strains you should consider for 2022:

Hindu Kush

A strain of marijuana named Hindu KushHindu Kush is a pure strain whose point of origin is the Hindu Kush mountain in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The harsh condition of the Kush mountain area makes the strain have a thick protective coat of crystal trichomes. Further, it’s cherished by hash makers globally as it’s one of the earliest plants to be used for hash.

The compact bud and light green flowers are the reason behind the sweet piney aroma and floral flavor. Along with the smell, consumers expect to have a calm and relaxed mind from using it. Also, users prefer to consume it in the evening. And, it’s the ending rhythm for a long day as it offers a long-term euphoric effect.

On the other hand, users under medical marijuana prescription will realize the pain-relieving effect. And add to that, it effectively counteracts nausea as well as stress disorders.

Ice Cream Cake

A Indica Strain names Ice cream cakeIce cream cake is an ellipsis for Indica crystal extreme. The plant is always covered with frost-like crystals during the harvest period. Its growers say it has light green and purple buds, usually flushed with icy trichomes.

ICE typically matures to produce sparkling buds after eight weeks, and it gets more bountiful after ten weeks. This particular strain is a hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato # 33. You can still get afghan, northern lights, and skunk hybrids, which come with a spicy, herbaceous aroma.

On the other hand, the wedding cake and gelato hybrid have a creamy flavor with sweet vanilla and dough traces. The ICE strain has THC ranging between 20-25 % and 1% CBD level.

Owing to Leafly reports made by 80 % of ICE consumers, the Indica strain has relaxing effects. Most consumers say it has a giggly euphoria that slowly fades to relaxation. On the other hand, medical marijuana patients salute its relieving capabilities when it comes to chronic pain. It abates anxiety and insomnia, and It’s ideal to use during the night when you have no tasks left.

Granddaddy Purple

A Indica Strain named Granddaddy purpleGranddaddy Purple, AKA GDP, is a prominent Indica hybrid of Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan popularly promoted by Ken Estes in 2003. The combination of mendo purps and skunk gives this California staple a grape and berry scent. The Afghanistan parents, on the other hand, bring the oversize compact bud. It’s also famous for its purple buds, and no nut bender will hear purp without thinking about granddaddy.

Its piquant effects openly unfold in consumers’ minds and bodies. Sufficed to say, it provides cerebral euphoria and general body relaxation. And as your cognizance transits to a dreamy world, your body gets rooted in one spot.

With it being one of the best Indica strains in 2022, you’ll definitely want it off the shelves to combat insomnia. Also, it comes in handy in pain alleviation, stress, and abating the loss of appetite. Further, this hybrid can be grown indoors and harvested after 60 days. It’s 100 % INDICA and has 23 % THC.

Northern Lights

A Indica Strain named Northen lightsNorthern lights thrive in prominence, as they did in the Hindu Kush’s age, and their influence on the Indica’s is incalculable. This Indica strain is a cross of Afghani and Thai. As such, it offers euphoric effects that firmly settle in your body. It also relaxes your muscles and eases your mind at the same time.

Notably, this Indica strain has a pungent sweet and spicy taste that’s smooth when exhaled. It’s a prime choice for medical marijuana patients in need of relieving stress, pain, and insomnia.

As an addition to its dominance in the best Indica strains of 2022, northern lights can be grown indoors. Growers say it purple crystal-coated buds and usually flowers after 50 days. Remember, northern lights is the mother of Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze hybrids. And there is a notion that Seattle, Washington, was its first home before being propagated out of Holland in 1985. It’s 100 % Indica with 18 % THC.

Sherbet Queen

A Indica Strain named Sherbet queenWith 85 % Indica and 15 % together with 24 % THC, the sherbet queen comes with many desirable attributes. We can start with the exquisite aroma of forest fruits that captures your senses. Or we can go off with the orange pistils that dazzle in the sun. If not, we could elucidate its heritage as a descendant of the notorious Girl Scout cookies. Instead, what makes the sherbet queen feature amongst 2022’s best strains seems to be a starting point.

Sherbet queen is a hybrid of sunset sherbet and pink panties. Sunset Sherbet, on the other hand, has gene traces of pink panties and Girl Scout cookies. And speaking of pink panties, we have to mention its blend of Florida hush and Burmese. As a result, the sherbet queen has an herbaceous lemony taste.

Since the sherbet queen has sedative properties, smokers usually anticipate going through an immobility state. Still, the Sativa strains exhibit themselves when reducing pain and boosting energy. It’s the perfect counteracting agent for modern-day depression. Additionally, it subtly calms the body while banishing anxiety at the same time. And, owing to its high THC content, it doesn’t take long for its high work to get through you.

Bubble Kush

A Strain named bubble kushNotoriously known in the USA and beyond, bubble Kush brags 19 % THC and Sativa strains. Still, there are strains with up to 26 % THC and 1 % CBD. You probably won’t wish to take it if you have lots to do. Consumers liken it to a tranquilizer and blare its couch effects.

Further, bubble Kush has a distinctive, bulky bud with emerald green hues. However, it’s not rare to find purple ones. And its popularity is characterized by the euphoria effect it has on its users.

Customers also enjoy the pine flavor and potent high feature contained within the pungent odor. In this disregard of the euphoric feature, bubble Kush can still alleviate sleep disorders and treat anxiety.

Final Thoughts

In retrospect, the best Indica strains of 2022 are about more than just getting high. Should you find the right product certified by the government’s designated third party, you will reduce your depression and insomnia with no side effects.

Also, Indica is best known for pain reduction. And in a bid to reduce anxiety, it puts your mind in a calm and relaxed state. If you’re undecided about which strain to try, try the above strains and our best home meditation practices.

Stephen Pillman passion for crafting and crossbreeding plants is among the motivations that propelled him to focus on Marijuana strains. Apart from being an enthusiastic breeder, he writes timely content about strains, growing info, crossbreeds, conditions that the strain will do well, and the yields you can expect. Pillman believes that everyone with an interest in marijuana strains has genuine reasons. He argues that neurological situations that may not need medical treatment affect human life, and learning something about strains can be a great way to liberate yourself from such issues. Stephen loves Soccer, and he spends his whole weekend watching football.

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